“…the finest of any company in any industry"

From the day we broke ground on our new home to completion, and in the 5 years we have been living there , the quality of the work and the service and professionalism of Old World Quality Corp is the finest of any company in any industry - Vinny Muldoon and his company are second to none.

Mike and Christine Alkin

“…they use only the finest quality materials”

Vincent Muldoon and Old World Quality Corp. has been providing all types of construction services at my homes in Garden City since 1995. I cannot express how completely satisfied I have been with all phases of their workmanship, quality control, pricing, and follow up service. Their complete attention to detail is first class. They use only the finest quality materials, employ the most talented technicians, and are always on the cutting edge of the newest and best techniques. If a “rare” problem does occur they are always there to solve the problem completely and quickly. I highly recommend Vincent and his company for any type of construction project both large and small.

Joe I.

... the quality of work done was consistently top notch."

It is our pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Vinny Muldoon, Peter Von and Old World Quality Corp regarding the renovation and restoration of our Tudor.

The quality of work done was consistently top notch. Old World used subcontractors who were knowledgeable, skilled and the very best in their respective trades. The subcontractors and OWQC employees were professional, reliable and courteous. They had an old school work ethic, strong safety orientation and emphasized getting the job done right (the first time!). Their pride in their work was evident and our job was done with care and precision.

Peter, our foreman / project manager was knowledgeable about all aspects of our project and was able to coordinate and manage the activities of different trades effectively. He remained closely involved in overseeing the project from start to finish.

Peter kept us closely informed of work schedules, delivery dates and projected completion dates of different work streams. His communication was always clear, informative and helpful. Peter was always available on his mobile phone or returned our phone call within an hour.

I can recommend Vinny, Peter and the entire OWQC team highly and without reservation.


“… excellent craftsmanship, reliability, and fair pricing.”

We have been customers of Old World Quality for many years through various construction and remodeling jobs. We have lived in two houses in Garden City and Vincent Muldoon and his work crews have worked in both of them. The subcontractors that work with Vincent as well as his direct crews are all of the highest quality. They are all true to their word and provide courteous and reliable service. The quality of workmanship is unequaled by any other contractor that we have had experience with. We would not hesitate to recommend OLD WORLD QUALITY and Vincent Muldoon to anyone seeking excellent craftsmanship, reliability, and fair pricing.

Rose Marie

“… we recommend OWQC without reservation and plan to use them again ourselves.”

We are sold on Old World Quality. We waited 20 years for a general contractor that shows up when he says he will; leaves our place spotless each day; finishes a job on schedule and doesn't come in at double the original estimate. The high quality work is an added bonus. Vinny, Colin, Brian----they've all been great.

Old World Quality. The name says it all! Vinny's team provides expert attention to detail in a courteous timely matter. They treated our home as if it were their own. It has been said we are demanding customers. Vinny's team exceeded our expectations in all facets of our project.

Every project has its setbacks; Vinny resolved ours seamlessly! His motivation is your ultimate, absolute satisfaction. We recommend OWQC without reservation and plan to use them again ourselves.

Dr. James and Patricia

“… Vinny takes care of all the details”

We recommend Old World Quality to you without hesitation. Vinny, Dina and the team provide comprehensive, caring and excellent solutions and service. Vinny and his team are always available and no job is too big or too small. Vinny takes care of all the details/difficulties of owning a house so that you can take care of building a happy home for you and your family -- what better service could someone provide? Use Vinny, Dina and team for any assistance you need... we already do and plan to in the future.

Scott and Michelle Clark

“… once you go with OWQC, you have a dependable family behind you.”

I have been using Old World Quality Corp (OWQC) now for 10 yrs. My projects have ranged in scope from a major renovation to a simple spring prep of window wells or simply moving furniture. There is no such thing as a job to big or a job to small at OWQC. Vinny Muldoon and his team of professional men and women are always there, answering the phones and getting the job done. There is no wait, there are no excuses… the job gets done! If by chance, there is no one available at that moment… Vinny himself will be there, doing whatever you need at any time of the day or night. During Sandy, when getting anyone to cut your trees that had fallen was about as easy as winning the lottery… there was Vinny, himself, with his crew clearing and cutting my driveway so that my family and I could get out. So when someone asks me about OWQC... I simply say, you can check away, you may even use someone else... but eventually you will be calling Vinny and his crew in to fix the problems that another contractor has left you with. Once you go with OWQC, you have a dependable family behind you. They just take care of a lot of stress of home ownership. It just makes sense.

Rich S.

“…Vinny and the Staff at Old World Quality Corp exceeded our expectations.”

Vinny and the Staff at Old World Quality Corp exceeded our expectations. We have always admired the work Vinny has done through out the Village but feared we could not afford it. We are so glad we brought in the staff from Old World Quality Corp. and their sub contractors. The entire project was a great experience, not a day goes by without someone saying, "Your House came out GREAT". The entire organization was only a phone call away. We are so glad we are included in the Old World Quality family going forward. If an issue arises, which is infrequent, someone responds immediately.

John and Kerin Michielini

“… this company is THE BEST at what they do.”

Our family has been a customer of Old World Quality Corp. for over 10 years. In that time we have seen the company grow in number of personnel, size and number of jobs, and most importantly, reputation. Vinny and OWQC have enjoyed such tremendous success because of many reasons. And it is the many reasons that this company is THE BEST at what they do - because they give it ALL to you - no matter how big or small your job is. You not only get the finest craftsmanship on your project, you get the best crew! OWQC prides itself on service. Once you are a client it is as if you are part of a family. From that point, if you ever have a problem with anything in your home, all it takes is a phone call to Vinny, and the next thing you know someone is there to fix it - usually the same day. His crew is superb. Neat, courteous, on time and polite. Unless you have had the OWQC experience, you don't know what you are missing! This company is in a league of its own.

We are now in the process of building a new home with Vinny and OWQC. Vinny and his entire crew - architect, foremen, framers, etc., treat the project as if it were their own home! There is not another company we would ever have felt as confident and comfortable with as Old World. We feel privileged to say that Vinny Muldoon is building our dreamhome.

On a personal note, we know Vinny, Dina and their family very well. Our children are good friends. They are extremely involved in the community, Vinny coaching sports and Dina with the PTA. They pride themselves on hard work and integrity. We feel lucky to have them as friends and fellow neighbors who work so hard to make our community a great place to live.

As Vinny would say, "Giddyup and God Bless"!

Michael and Christine Tiedemann

“…unmatched attention to detail.”

Vinny Muldoon and the Old World Quality team showcased the most impressive level of customer service with unmatched attention to detail and longevity to quality. Our family was extremely happy with the outcome of our building projects and found every member of the OWQC team dedicated to creating the best product attainable within the construction industry. It is without hesitation, that we recommend Vinny Muldoon and the OWQ team with the highest level of confidence for all phases of construction.

Deb H.

“…the most POLITE and considerate (AND clean) crew I have ever encountered.”

Just a little note to convey my appreciation for the wonderful home. It was a lot of fun, and I commend you and your team for making it so. The hard work was not unnoticed. The OWQC crew - I say they must attend Vinny Muldoon “charm school” because in addition to being masters at their work, they were the most POLITE and considerate (AND clean) crew I have ever encountered. Keep it up so you can make more dreams come true.

Linda D.B.

It is with great enthusiasm that we write this letter of recommendation in support of Old World Quality Corp. (OWQC). We write this letter because building a home is one of the most daunting tasks that anyone can ever undertake and we embrace the opportunity to help others experience great building outcomes. We cannot imagine building a 9000 plus square foot home without partnering with the OWQC family. It has been a pleasure working with them and we have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of their workmanship. After interviewing several contractors from the Westchester and East Hampton area, we chose OWQC because we were told, and now we know, that they bring the following to the table:

• A strong work ethic and integrity

• Exceptional customer service

• A cost effective approach

• Trades people that are highly skilled and experienced, hard working, polite, conscientious, respectful and dedicated

• Extensive knowledge of building homes

• A common sense approach to problems

• A Project Manager with over 30 year of experience (a necessity for a busy mom of 4 kids)

• A long-term relationship and service before, during and after the project

• They stand behind their work

• Impeccable results

• Professionalism


Additionally, we had a challenging project with architectural complexities and strong opinions from our published designer (who is ranked one of Architectural Digest’s top interior designers), kitchen designer and recently published landscape designer. OWQC listened to our needs and the end result is that our home is more beautiful than we could have dreamed. On a personal note, we have been impressed by OWQC’s desire to “always do the right thing”, instead of just focusing on profit margins. For example, throughout the project, OWQC was committed to generating a top quality product, rather than maximizing their profit margin. When situations arose when extra work needed to be done (because of hidden problems related to design/architectural issues) (if it was minor) they took care of it without charging me, or (if it was more extensive) involved me in an informed decision making process that culminated in a change order that was fair. We are confident that you will enjoy working with OWQC and you will be very satisfied with the quality of their work. To that end, we would gladly open our home to any prospective clients of OWQC to “showcase” their work.

Brian and Nicole Yorke

Garden City, NY

Building our new home with OWQC has been a truly wonderful experience. We had a rather complex design to be situated on terrain that was quite challenging since the construction site was partially embedded in the side of a hill which necessitated not only a very robust foundation, but also the construction of a number of retaining walls which reflected the aesthetic qualities of the surrounding woodland. Working with architect Brad Gustavson, the initial design process was both exciting and challenging but always enjoyable with Brad’s in depth architectural expertise leading the way. As the design unfolded in its physical form under the exceptional guidance and supervision of project manager Pete Vonn, both Pete and Brad worked in concert to insure that the design concepts were appropriately adhered to and that the structural elements were executed with the high degree of quality and craftsmanship that OWQC is noted for.


To date, all facets of our project, whether masonry, framing, carpentry, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, flooring, drywall, plastering, painting, or cabinet work have been executed to a degree that has either met or exceeded our expectations and any problems which have arisen have been solved in a timely fashion. It is a tribute to OWQC that the members of the various crews working on our project have, at all times exhibited exceptional courtesy and cooperation in the execution of their work.


In summary, Vinny, Pete, and Brad, and the crew at OWQC have brought our home to life with a degree of craftsmanship and  professionalism rarely seen in the construction industry and we therefore recommend them without any reservations whatsoever.

Tim and Beth Turnbull

I write this letter of recommendation for Old World Quality. My first encounter with Vinny Muldoon was when I built my Garden City home in 2010 from scratch. It was such a remarkable experience that since then Old World Quality has done multiple jobs that included my family’s home and businesses.

Vinny goes above and beyond and really pays attention to detail even if it means not following every specification the architect had planned.  Recently I decided to renovate our Atlantic Beach home and without hesitation I hired Old World Quality. While a major remodeling is inherently stressful for almost any homeowner, Vinny and his team were invaluable, and I am extremely pleased with the final result.

The quality of work was consistently top notch and the attention to detail is amazing. Vinny and his team are knowledgeable, skilled and competent and nothing is left undone.

Vinny has kept us closely informed of the work crew schedules, delivery dates and projected completion dates. He communicated throughout the whole process of the job. If I ever had a question or a request he always responded.

I am very pleased with the work of Vinny Muldoon and the amazing staff and crew at Old World Quality. I feel like they are part of our family and would recommend him to your neighbors and friends without reservation.

I am more than happy to extend an invitation to look at the work that Vinny has completed in my homes. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Agostino & Barbara Vona

​I have known Vincent Muldoon of Old World Quality Corp since 1995, in the early days of his company!

Since then we have become close friends and he has done extensive work on my last three (3) homes in Garden City.

The work has included a complete kitchen & family room modification and structural repairs, a new bathroom, a complete basement renovation with an outside entrance, roof repairs & modifications, painting, repairs to the envelop of the house, and structural repairs.

When my wife and I decided it was time to “downsize” our home, after everyone moved out, Vincent again came through for us! We found a Ranch House in an area of Garden City that we liked. Although the area was OK, the house was not!

Vincent worked with us on the design and then preformed the job beautifully, quickly, and at a very fair price.

Based on Vincent’s recommendation, we did a “complete” renovation – right down to the studs! It included new structure, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, heating & domestic hot water, hardscape, landscape, the complete envelop of the house, new windows and doors, extensive wood work, insulation, kitchen, basement, three (3) full bathrooms and two (2) half baths, an extensive Master Bedroom Suite and three (3) additional bedrooms, larger garage door, etc, etc, etc.


What a great job! Not only did he complete the project quickly, but it is absolutely beautiful. Every time I pull into the driveway, I feel great coming home! Everything works perfectly and the house is “extremely” energy efficient – as far as electricity and natural gas is concerned. It will be three (3) year this coming July since we moved in and the house – inside & out – still looks brand new!


I highly recommend Vincent and Old World Quality Corp! You may find someone close to Vincent skills and work ethic, but you will never find anyone who works harder and is better!


If additional information is need please do not hesitate to call on me personally.

Joe Iamascia

We are writing to highly recommend Old World Quality Corp.

We have done 2 major projects with Old World.  The first was a major kitchen renovation and the most recent was a whole house construction.  We bought an older house, tore it down and built a new house.  The house we built has a double basement, like Vinny's house, so it was a major undertaking. We used every one of the subcontractors that Vinny works with, and, without exception, they were all highly qualified, honest and a pleasure to work with.  Our project manager for both projects, Alan, is like a member of the family.  He helped us at every step, keeping us up to date and aware of any changes.  The scope of the project was very large, and Alan gracefully handled it all.  Everything from coordinating subs, managing deliveries, and handling schedules, but also including moving help, babysitting and talk therapy!

We have been living in the house for almost 11 months and are absolutely thrilled.  There have been the inevitable issues that have come up, but each one has been handled and solved, with the same pleasant demeanor that we saw during the build process.

We would never think of using another contractor for any work in the future.

We're happy to discuss specifics, if that would be helpful.

Jen and Craig

Vincent Muldoon and OWQC are first class builders. The attention to detail is impeccable and the level over personal service is second to none. Vincent completed our 18 month major renovation on schedule and with no "surprises". Subsequent to the completion of our home Vincent has been in constant touch with us to ensure the beauty of our home and grounds remains in tact. Vincent is the only choice if you’re looking for the highest quality of work with an even higher level of service. Vincent has incredible vision and his passion for his work is contagious. We highly recommend Vincent for your upcoming project!

John Keller

In 2012, our family, working with the team at Old World Quality Corp (OWQC), built a wonderful one family home here in Manhasset (Village of Flower Hill). The project entailed the complete demolition and removal of an older wooden house and its concrete foundation. OWQC worked with my wife and I from the project’s start, as we formulated the basic layout of the home. Their patient counsel and experienced-backed ideas aided us through the design phase of the project.    Once we finalized the designs and drawings, the project budgeting process was very quick and efficient. Vinny and his team were able to provide us a good outline of the project costs, which enabled us to easily refer to during the life of the job. We chose OWQC to build our home for their reputation for outstanding professionalism, workmanship, extensive knowledge of construction, and integrity. We saw that same values in each of the subcontractors OWQC employed on our project. From the foundation masonry, to the framers, all the way through to the cabinet makers, everyone worked to together and efficiently delivered us the home we wanted. A key to the project’s success was our OWQC lead project manager, who was our primary point of contact, directed the activity and execution of all subcontracted trades, interacted with the local building inspector and village office when required.   We would most certainly employ OWQC on future home construction projects.

Shawn Bardong

Old World Quality Corp. and Vinny Muldoon brought life to our dreams of a completely custom designer dream home. When meeting with contractors all over Manhattan, the Hamptons, Garden City, etc. what separated OWQC from the rest is their dedication to perfecting every individual detail and their commitment to quality. When we first met with Vinny, he said to me that if I could dream it they could build it...and they did exactly that. Our home is a luxury contemporary residence that has been updated with every modern day finish and appliance. 

When designing our home, no challenge was too large for the team to take on. I can't even put into words how many hours our foremen spent with us ensuring every detail was exactly how we imagined it; from designing and creating the exact wood floors we wanted, finding and installing marble slabs that were so large they needed to be hoisted upstairs on a crane! Their millwork is exceptional and when we were unsure of what type of molding we wanted, their team mocked up numerous samples around the house for us. The paneling and trim in every room is unique and immaculate.  While we were in the process of building, I saw a custom hanging metal LED cabinet in Architectural Digest that a celebrity had made for their home and was inspired - Vinny built me the exact cabinet for my kitchen. It is truly like he said, if we can imagine it they will build it. 

Please allow this letter to serve as a recommendation and verification of OWQC's ability to perform custom quality work with an exemplary work ethic. Their skills and dedication while working on any project exceeds expectations.

Nicole Cornetta

Hi Vinny,


Here are some thoughts on my experience with you and your team:


I could not be more pleased with the way the project was handled and with the beautiful home that I take such pride in every day.


The Project  Manager  was  very experienced and knowledgeable. He was always available, worked with my schedule to arrange meetings,  and was key to the success of the project. As the project progressed, he understood what was important to me, got to know my lifestyle,  and  that enabled him to make very  helpful suggestions.  He also made sure they  stayed on schedule and all the subs were coordinated . When I was overwhelmed, he helped me focus and come to a decision.  Working with  OWQC, I felt like I was their most important client.


The subcontractors are top notch. The framer, masons, electricians, HVAC- they are all professional and reliable and stand by their work.


Vinny’s crew was amazing. And above all, the quality of the work and materials, and attention to detail is outstanding!


If I could be of further assistance, let me know.

Linda Briganti

Vinny, I wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with the work you've done for us on the extensive gut renovation/addition we recently completed together. 


Not only is the workmanship first class but the people you employ are talented, respectful and genuinely a pleasure to work with. That said, it is apparent that those qualities come from the top. Your always positive attitude and straightforward approach to things set the tone for everyone involved, including me. 

As you know, we are very particular clients who pay attention to every detail and you did not disappoint on anything you told us you could do. We continue to be impressed by your responsiveness attending to any issues that develop as we live in the house. 

Let me say as a construction professional myself, thank you for your personal attention and advice to help us execute our vision. 

Richard De Matteis

Ten years ago now we built our custom Georgian brick colonial with Vinny Muldoon and his team at Old World Quality. 

From the get go, Vinny set reasonable expectations, providing a great steer on both costs and timing, helped us navigate easily through required village approvals and assisted in the planning process with great perspective that comes with years of experience.   Most importantly, Vinny understood well that he was building our house and although he had his own style, he respected our vision and worked and made recommendations in the context of what we were looking to achieve. 

Through construction, Vinny and his foreman, Peter Von, were always accessible and responsive. The worked moved forward without delay and we had clear deliverables set out for us on design points (flooring, molding, finishes, etc...), which kept the work proceeding smoothly along. The job site was always clean and his crew always friendly and accommodating. 

In the end, the product was exceptional. The quality of craftsmanship is superb and has stood the test of time. Additionally, Vinny and his subs were incredibly responsive to address any minor post construction repairs that were required.  

Worth mentioning as well is the quality of the sub-contractors he employs. We've established relationships with each of them and all are responsive to this day for any additional work we require. 

Without hesitation, I can say that Vinny was the right choice of contractor for us and provided exceptional service and a high quality product that we've enjoyed in the years since.

Larry Petrsoric & Nadine O'Sullivan

Garden City, NY

We are writing to recommend the excellent work of Vinny Muldoon and his wonderful team of professionals at Old World Quality Corp. OWQC built our home for us in Garden City several years ago and choosing to work with Vinny and OWQC was the best decision that we could have made. Their extraordinary commitment to a team approach enabled them to address all anticipated construction issues immediately, proactively and creatively. This approach coupled with constant communication among team members, including all subs, encourages a sense of collaboration. The entire team was accessible and responsive at literally all hours of the day and night, including weekends and holidays. And they were incredibly user-friendly for our decorator, which made the integration of the interior design and finishing work that much more seamless.

At the completion of the project, we felt as though we had become part of the OWQC  family--and we are certain that the OWQC team will always be part of our family.

We are very pleased to offer the highest recommendation for OWQC and recommend them without hesitation or reservation.  We would be happy to discuss our experiences with any other family considering engaging OWQC.

Krista and Peter Irwin

Garden City, NY

It is a pleasure for me to provide a reference for the quality of work performed by your excellent team.

I have known you for over ten years and you have built homes for four of my daughters and done renovation at my home and that of my son.

We have also done a number of development projects together.

I can attest to the excellent quality of work you have done in every instance resulting in many compliments.

In addition you are reliable and deliver on you promises and in the few instances that there have been any problems you have immediately corrected them.

I would certainly recommend you very highly.

Bob Catell

My wife and our children moved from Manhattan to Garden City in 2009. 
We purchased an older home that we planned on raising and building a new home in its place. 

We initially considered interviewing a few different builders. However, we met Vinny and realized immediately that his reputation in the community for being a premium builder and an even better person was well earned.  

We hired Vinny to build our home. Our instincts and his reputation were validated. We could not be more thrilled with the quality of workmanship as well as the client service. 

Vinny is more than just a pillar of the Garden City community. He is also a neighbor and I'm delighted to say has become a good friend. 

From a quality perspective, the work is second to none. The craftsmanship is brilliant. Our home has the same new feel it did the day we moved in six years ago. And for those little things that just happen in any home that's fully lived in with children and their friends running around, all it takes is a text or call to Vinny and his crew are there at a moment's notice to save the day. 

While you're going through the decision-making process, we'd be delighted to speak with and share with you our terrific experience with Old World Quality Corp and Vinny.

Michael Alkin

Garden City, NY

In 2010 we hired Old World Quality to demolish our existing home and build a brand new 7,000 square foot home in Garden City.  From start to finish we were very pleased with the skill level and service provided by Old World Quality and all of its subcontractors. Each step of the process was discussed in detail, with transparent pricing, and multiple options presented to us for key decisions that needed to be made.  We found it very helpful to have a “single point of contact” for our project, which in our case was the very talented Peter von Schoenermarck. Pete made the process extremely manageable for us. We relied on his expertise, experience and relationships to help us make the best decisions and get things done efficiently and effectively. Pete was also able to relieve us of smaller decisions that we didn’t need to be involved with, which we appreciated.


Since our house has been completed, Pete and the OWQC staff have always been extremely helpful in addressing our follow-up needs, including regular maintenance and any troubleshooting that is necessary. They are always a phone call/text/email away and are happy to help and come quickly when we need them.


I would recommend OWQC enthusiastically. Please feel free contact me anytime for more details.

John McDonald

Judy and I bought our house from Vinny Muldoon in 2004. Vinny had completely remodeled and restored the house. The house is fantastic. It is beautiful. The workmanship and attention to detail is first class because Vinny employs the best craftsmen.

Vinny could not have built a better house. We have had absolutely no problems.

I remember when I spoke to the engineer that inspected the house. He said, “…this man knows what he’s doing.”

Judy and I love living here.

If I ever have a house built in the future, I would only consider one contractor and that of course would be Vinny Muldoon. 

If you are interested in speaking to me or seeing our house, call me.

Ray Feeney

Old World Quality (OWQC) built our custom home in 2011. It was a pleasure to work with the team and we highly recommend them. From beginning to end, the craftsmanship exceeded our expectations and we are constantly reminded of their attention to detail. The OWQC team managed our project in a professional and courteous manner which simplified the entire process. We were able to move into our new home on time, and on budget, and continue to enjoy our new home today.

Oliver & Karen Butt

Garden City, NY

I have worked with Vinny Muldoon and his team at Old World Quality Corp. on various projects over the past 8 years.  We are extremely happy with our beautiful home built in 2012 and appreciate the craftsmanship and the attention to detail that Old World Quality Corp stands behind.  The project management team was professional and thorough throughout the entire construction process.

Having first-hand knowledge in the construction business as a subcontractor in the New York City area, I have a unique understanding of quality construction and highly recommend Old World Quality Corp for residential and commercial construction. Please feel free to contact me to discuss my experience.

Danny Colasuonno

Hi Vinny,

Please feel free to share this note and my contact info with any of your prospective clients.

Erica and I were very pleased working with you and your team to build our new home.  The entire process requires a lot of logistics and complexities.  Your experience and expertise is so valuable and you really helped us to build a "home".

Throughout the entire process I was most impressed with you attention to detail and quality.   Your expectations for quality from your team is unmatched in my opinion. Because of this Erica and I feel like we got the best "product".

Ed Kenna

We are very pleased to write this recommendation for Old World Quality Corporation (OWQC), and its founder/owner, Mr. “Vinny” Muldoon. Our family has known Vinny for approximately eight years and we would like to tell you about what we’ve learned about this man. Vinny is a man of integrity with an extremely strong work ethic. He is a devoted husband and a family man who balances managing a growing company while attending virtually every game for his children.  He is a valuable member of the community who gives more than could ever be expected. He has built his company on the American Dream. As a result of Vinny’s strong moral character, Old World Quality Corporation’s entire staff, from the dedicated employees in the office to each and every worker and subcontractor, is professional, detail oriented, thorough, friendly, trustworthy and reliable.


When we moved to Garden City thirteen years ago, we can recall a house under renovation in the neighborhood with a small sign adorned with the Irish and American flags placed on a fence surrounding the project. As we began to see more and more of these signs throughout Garden City, we inquired about the company behind them and soon learned about Old World Quality Corporation and the reputation they were establishing as a top notch company in our community.


We then had the privilege to get to know the man behind this company, Vinny Muldoon, when he humbly donated his time and services to renovate the home of a community member in need. He continues to quietly assemble his team to retrofit homes for families encountering difficult circumstances. We have had the privilege to attend events Vinny and his lovely wife, Dina, have hosted in their beautiful home to give back to their community.


We had used various contractors over the years for our previous home, and unfortunately had our share of negative experiences. For this and other obvious reasons, when the time came to do renovations on our current home, we knew exactly whom we would call: a man of integrity and a company built on those values, Vinny Muldoon of Old World Quality Corporation.  


In 2011, we decided to extend the back of our home two stories and renovate our kitchen and two bathrooms. The transformation was significant, but was most noteworthy to us was how professional the job was done and completed. Every detail was considered, discussed and executed in a professional, timely manner that was nothing but respectful for our home and family. When finished, the new spaces looked like it had “been there forever” as guests often comment. Every subcontractor that was on the project likewise held to Vinny’s high standards. Each individual was trustworthy and could be left alone in the house (even during a previously planned two week vacation). We had no doubt that the home was in good hands with our talented OWQC Manager, Allen, and that the project would move along as scheduled.  We had young children, including a baby at the time of the project, yet the process was worry free. We decided to literally live through the renovation by staying in our home from start to finish. OWQC kept the house clean daily and throughout the project, closing off rooms as necessary and keeping disruptions to a minimum. The OWQC family had our best interests of our family at heart.


In 2014, we decided to put an extension on the house that would add a master bathroom, walk-in closet, family room, and extension to the basement.  This project would also include new siding and a new roof. There was no question that we would turn to OWQC. Again, the team came in, led by Vinny and his Project Manager, Allen, constructed a beautiful extension that is seamless and maintains the integrity of the one hundred year old home. The craftsmanship ensures the new structure looks as if it was part of the original structure and fits with the overall charm of the homes in Garden City. Once again, our experience dealing with such a man of integrity shone through each and every aspect of the project.  In 2017, we undertook a small project on our garage and patio. Vinny held to his motto, “No job too big or too small” and completed this project well ahead of a family celebration to be held at our house. It has truly put final touches on our house, and what we are proud to call it an Old World Quality home.


We would emphasize that Vinny himself is involved with the project from start to finish. His attention to detail along with the demand for the highest quality products and workers, filter through to his dedicated team who are professional, courteous and respectful. Having a Project Manager supervise the job only added to the ease of navigating what can be an overwhelming process. Someone is on site everyday to ensure the project moves along and is finished in the scheduled time put forth. When friends learn we are taking on another project on our home, they are often surprised that we can so easily manage what can be an overwhelming task to many. But we must give OWQC all the credit.  They take great care in making sure the construction/renovation process is as stress free as possible.


Finally, when you are a client of this great company, you are a client for life. There is a terrific sense of pride in updating your home and becoming part of the Old World Quality family. We could not be more pleased and would not trust anyone else when it comes to working on our family home.

Mary Beth and Jim Griffin

Garden City, NY

OWQC successfully completed major exterior and interior renovations at my home and professional offices in Garden City.  They are a superior construction company whose attention to detail and reputation is unmatched in the community. 


Vinny Muldoon has developed an excellent project management team  and a skilled set of sub-contractors to handle any specialized situation or project.  Vinny’s hands on approach and client service provides a distinctive team approach that is not typical of larger construction companies.  Their years of experience provide an exceptional value-add to any project. More importantly, OWQC’s quality and service does not end with the conclusion of construction. All normal maintenance and follow ups are done within an amazing response time.


I recommend OWQC without reservation.

Rob Vona

Garden City, NY

OWQC is a very professional and experienced team. The proof is in the final product. The quality of our home is exceptional and OWQC proved to be a conscientious builder, punctual and of the highest standard. Highly recommended.

The Whitleys

Garden City, NY

Cathy and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how grateful we are for all that you have done for us.  The vision that you had by just walking into our house for the very first time and describing  what could be done to accommodate Cathy in her wheelchair was incredible.  You not only transformed our home but you transformed Cathy’s life by making things accessible which  makes everyday a whole lot easier for her to live a more normal life.


The craftsmanship that you guys  performed around the house was a thing of beauty and to have a crew as friendly and caring as you do is  incredible and something we have never experienced before while getting any sort of work done at our home.  We still get remarks all the time when friends and family come over that they cannot believe it is the same house.  We were lucky that Old World Quality were the folks that worked on our project, not just for the extraordinary quality of your work but the fact that if anything ever needs repairing you will be there with no questions asked.


Once again thank you to you and everyone at Old World Quality for changing our lives, we will always remember you guys as the best in the business!!!

Tom and Cathy Turner

We have only wonderful things to say about Old World Quality Corp. Vinny Muldoon and his entire team are devoted to customer service.  It's clear they love what they do.  We’ve used Old World for projects big (roofing, plumbing, finishing basement) and small (painting, odds and ends).  You can trust them to be with you, side by side, throughout the process.  Vinny and his team deliver excellent work with attention to detail.  Their work is top notch.  They do not cut corners.  And they stand by their work for the long-term.

In addition, Vinny is a great resource and takes the time to educate on what aspects of potential projects are higher priority than others.  Old World helps you to focus on long-term solutions to avoid problems before they arise.  If you want value, integrity, and the best customer service, Vinny and Old World are your team. Vinny and the Old World team is ready to respond at a moment’s notice and is committed to your job. We unequivocally recommend them.

The Cendan Family

It is with great pleasure that we provide this reference for Vinny Muldoon and his Old World Quality Company.


We recently completed a renovation of our home to create a living space for our mother. The project required a complete demolition of the lower level of our 88 year old house; digging down (by hand) to lower the base floor approximately one foot, reconfiguring the mechanical space including the electrical, and heating/air conditioning systems and re-routing the plumbing.  We also added a full bathroom, a laundry/kitchenette, and a powder room, larger windows and French doors, and finished the space with high quality mill work.  Re-constructing this space within the confines of an old home required extreme attention to detail and well executed procedures every step of the way.  It was essential to work with a contractor with an excellent reputation for providing the best quality workmanship.  Having worked with OWQ on some previous smaller projects along with knowing the reputation of OWQ through numerous friends, we had no doubt that Vinny and his team were who we needed to work with.


The true measure of the integrity of a company lies in its management philosophy.   Vinny Muldoon is a hands on manager with a strong moral code. His commitment to quality is clearly visible while he’s on the job and in how he lives his life.  Despite his busy schedule, he often dedicates his time and team to a worthy cause, helping someone in need. These qualities are genuine and not often reflected in a business environment.  


From start to finish our project progressed smoothly and efficiently. The Old World Quality “team-model” Vinny has cultivated provides professional, high quality work with the integrity and pride of old world craftsmanship.  Every person on the job is highly skilled, polite, hardworking, and dependable. It is refreshing to work with a construction crew that demands high standards of themselves and the work they produce.  Their attention to detail and precision is unmatched.  The end result is a showpiece of construction and design.


We are extremely pleased with Vinny Muldoon’s Old World Quality Company and the work they have done for us.   We would recommend that anyone seeking a trustworthy, highly skilled and professional company look no further than Old Word Quality Corporation.


We are available to answer any additional questions you may have.

Maggie and Bob Johansen

Garden City, NY

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