Winter is Coming!

It’s that time of year again….Winter!!!

  1. TURN ON YOUR HEATING SYSTEM and make sure it is in good working order. Any issues call our office for help.

  2. REMOVE ALL GARDEN HOSES and put them inside your garage or basement. If you leave them connected they will damage and burst your hose bib and create damage to your basement – A MUST!!!

  3. CRAWL SPACE VENTS – close them from exterior and put a piece of fiber glass insulation in the vent hole from the interior of the crawl space.

  4. Have your lawn IRRIGATION SYSTEM BLOWN OUT by your irrigation company.

  5. CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS once leaves are all down.

  6. CLEAN YOUR SURFACE DRAINS on your property, basement staircase drains, driveway strip drains, etc.

  7. LEAVE WATER DRIPPING at night time if you have pipes that are prone to freezing once the really cold weather arrives (based on last year’s experience).

  8. HEAT WIRE COILS where necessary to prevent leaks from ice damming on north and east side of roofs.

  9. If you have a STEAM HUMIDIFICATION SYSTEM on your heat system make sure it is on ASAP and set it at 35 – 40%. Adjust as necessary depending on how cold and dry it is outside as the winter goes on (ex: if it is very dry and cold outside you may see condensation on your windows on interior, especially on the north side of the home). If you have any single pane leaded glass in your home these units will have condensation. No matter what, especially on very cold days. Any questions or concerns on this please call Brian Egan (516)551-6120.

  10. INSTALL COVERS ON YOU’RE A/C UNITS on exterior. Any questions or if you need some assistance please call Brian Egan (516)551-6120.

  11. 11. Make sure to SHUT OFF THE WATER SUPPLY IN YOUR BASEMENT that feeds your “old fashioned hose bibs” / spigots on the exterior of the home (new frost proof hose bibs do not apply).

  12. 12. FLUSH OUT YOUR STEAM BOILER once a month to remove rusting water.

  13. 13. Any other emergencies during the winter you can call our office or one of the project managers:

  • TONY –(Plumber) Old World Plumbing of Garden City 516-547-0070

  • ALEX-(Plumber) 516-850-7277

  • Office – Debbie/Jenn/Lori (516)741-8226

  • Pete Von – (516)445-4455

  • Alan Ruane – (646)369-5699

  • Colin Goodwin – (516)236-3618

  • Mike Denny – (516)581-1976

  • Raphie Gangaden – (347)813-2495

Old World Quality is here to help you prevent any damage to your home as the winter moves in. Do not hesitate to call us at (516)741-8226 or email:

Lori –

Jenn –

Debbie –

Thanks again for all your business and friendships throughout the years. Dina, myself and the entire crew at Old World Quality greatly appreciate it.

God Bless,

Vinny Muldoon


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