Ice Damming and Burst Pipes Alert


This will allow water to get into your home as the snow melts.

Please call our roofer (Alan Vollmer) 516-205-6601 to clear snow / ice out of the gutters.


Once the pipes thaw out over the next 5 days please be aware and check on all areas that had frozen pipes in your home. Keep a close eye on these areas this week.

If you have any problems with a burst pipe please call our plumbers:

Tony: 516-547-0070

Alex: 516-850-7277

Mike Denny (Carpenter): 516-581-1976


Every homeowner should know where their main shut off for water is in their home. This shut off valve is located usually in the basement on the front wall of the home possibly in a closet. It is critical to know where this is and tag the valve for the future. For example, if you have a burst pipe in your home and water is coming thru the ceiling you must immediately shut the main shut off valve to the off position which is perpendicular to the main pipe (look up on-line). Once the valve is shut off go to the bathrooms on every floor and open all the faucets (start with the basement first).

If you need any help or have questions please either call the office 516-741-8226 or you may email:


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